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How to handle conspiracy theories

Once you find out the truth, it's important that you go on to know the Truth

As we near the close of the age the refuge of lies set up around the world are being uncovered (Isaiah 28:17). People are becoming more aware of the "illuminati's" hands in government policy, music industry, and in secret societies.
The lure to uncover the hidden mechanics of our world is powerful. From exploring extra-terrestrials to decoding symbols on our money and world monuments
- this can become a full-time job, as it has for David Icke and the Infowars team (not validating all their claims).
I only fear that the enemy will still have the upper hand as in a bid to reveal the truth of our world as we know it, it seems many are no closer to knowing the truth that leads to life eternal. The fact that our modern world is run by a few families who want to retain their powers is a simple fact. Backwards messages in music- we know about; the presence of witchcraft in our world- we could do with a reality check on; but most importantly we must focus on knowing Christ and being a prophetic voice in the end times.

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School of Wisdom

Years ago our Apostle branded all Sunday School teaching as "School of Wisdom".

The Lord instructed the children of Israel to teach the commandments and words of God diligently to their children. One of the writers in Proverbs encourages us to train up the child in the way he should go and when he is older he will not depart from those teachings. We believe it is crucial to teach our children the keys to spiritual success while scaling down life lessons to equip them to survive in a world which values education and rewards those who understand the principles of business.

In a world system which seems to sink further every year into gross immoralities it is important that we raise our children to fear God- to reverence Him and His words. It is difficult to escape images that we would prefer our children not to see, music that we would not want them to listen to, it is crucial that we approach raising our children as tutors, with structured aims and regular session to download the mind of Christ into the next generation.

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