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Why University Changes our Young People (Part 3)

Part 3 looks at how the Pride of Life is exploited by the enemy during university. At a time of great aspiration where young people are working to carve out a successful future – for many that future does not include Christ at the centre: in fact many of the most educated people have no room for God in their lives. Room for pleasure, room for business, but for Christ the crucified, not a place where he can enter, in the heart for which he died.

A sense of the quality of life that one would like to lead [the arena for the pride of life]
This is a really interesting aspect because the church has in many instances abandoned the philosophy of having all things common (Acts 2:44/Acts 4:32) for a "go get what's yours" mentality. It's a church where "seasons" come to elevate you beyond your fellow men but not to bring them up so we can be equal.

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Exhortation from Campus!

This contribution is from a Brother currently studying away from home at University.

Greetings all in the matchless name of Jesus; to God be the glory, great things he has done. Before I go any further I would like to say that all that is mentioned in this article is based on my own experiences I have had as a young Christian as well as being a university student. It's just to help bring to light the real frame of mind that young people may have as university students or prospective students.

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