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School of Wisdom

School of Wisdom or our Sunday School programme equips our children to identify the ways of God as distinct from the decadent ways of our world. A world which seems to glorify activities and behaviours that lead to ill-health, broken hearts, broken futures and misery.

Class One

We first introduce our children to the joy of the Lord! Our teachers bring the life from their personal relationships with the Lord to enthuse children. We are blessed to have this class administered by professional nursery manager who fuse the principles of learning with this spiritual environment. Classes include singing and praises, teaching of basic Bible stories, and each child memorises key verses from the Bible for a weekly recitation before the congregation. By the time these children leave for class two they can usually recite the books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Class Two

For children in junior school class two is another opportunity for teachers with a combination of spiritual life experiences and a knowledge of the scriptures to make a lasting impression. Teachers use this time to further embed the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ wthin children who are faced with a world awash with avenues of amusement and pleasure. We build on the key skills needed in the school environment, i.e. teamwork, communication, and presentation skills. The students follow a set curriculum, are given verses to recite and often asked to prepare to present their understanding of the weeks' readings back to the class. Teachers bring to life the teachings of Christ in a way that is relevant and easy to grasp. Classes are interactive and children have ample opportunities to ask questions and express their understanding of the word of God as it applies to their daily lives.

Class Three

We have seen how secondary school affects young people. They enter a vast new realm of possibilities. There are more children their age in one place than they have ever seen before, friends are quickly made as they all make up their minds as to who is "all right", who is "too serious", good looking, or boyfriend/girlfriend material. Some children are already smoking, some carry drugs, some soon become or are already sexually active and others hold strong religious beliefs from a variety of belief systems in our world today. What can we possibly put in our young people to give them power to survive this new environment? We have found that at this age it is important for young people to confess Christ openly and to have experiences with the Lord that will ground them through these crucial years in which personalities develop and educational achievement can set a strong foundation for a successful future. For class three we design our classes to provide these young people with opportunities to receive Christ as their saviour and be filled with his Holy Spirit.

Class Four

School is over- college, university and the workplace beckons. We started this class to cement the learning from previous years and begin to dig deeper into word of God. This class arms young people to defend the gospel in the face of other religious arguments, pulls to pieces the arguments that oppose the truth of the Bible, and establishes in the hearts a love for truth and an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. We tackle the priniciples of the doctrine, the love of God, the principles underlying biblical/Church traditions, the Kingdom of God and the parables of Christ, understanding the blood of Jesus Christ, biblical monotheism, and through various studies we impress the importance of walking in holiness and importance of evangelism. We give ample time for the class to set the topics of interest or to submit their questions on the scriptures. We have a rule that all quoted verses must be cited, and that each contributor handle the word carefully and with respect. We firmly hold that we should not hold on to beliefs that are not substantiated by the scriptures or confirmed by the Apostles. The scriptures were given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit; we therefore stress the importance of receiving the Holy Spirit to rightly understand and share the word of truth.

Congregational School of Wisdom

We are blessed with an Apostle who has been caught up into heaven, shown hell in visions, walked on the sea of glass in trance, and given a pure understanding of the word of God. With an ability to draw reference from numerous missions around the world, testimonies of miracles, devils cast out and souls saved through the preaching of the gospel, Apostle GT Mullings brings a spirit-filled approach to the teaching of the pure word of God. With a strong focussed on readiness for heaven, greater emphasis is given to what it takes to make to heaven through holiness and service to the Lord now, i.e. living godly and soberly in this present world (Titus 2:12), rather than the teaching that gain is godliness- the Bible says from such teachers we should withdraw ourselves (1 Timothy 6:5). The words of the Lord are pure. If you love the word of God spoken in truth, come and receive of the Lord at the mouth of our beloved Apostle Mullings.

Most classes run from 11am-12pm every Sunday- Class four and Congregational Teaching may vary.

We have annual School of Wisdom Day where our children participate in recitations, quizes, and role plays from the scriptures or based on modern scenarios. Check our events calendar fo this years dates.

Location & Opening hours

50 Church road, Harlesden, London | Sunday Service from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and most days during the week

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