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What Are Christians Doing About Adoption?

Yet Christ challenges these very emotions when informed by a member of the crowd that his mother is seeking for him- he replies who is my mother, who is my brother. In his reclassification he states that the people that do the will of God are his family. So if we know the heart of God and act in a way that is alien to the Father, are we really the children of God.
The power to become family
Having received Christ, the Apostele John confirms that we have the power to become the children of God. This tells me that when we feel closed off, and incapable of loving that we have not activated the power that comes with receiving Christ. Receiving Christ enables us to resemble him and grow more and more into his image. It is true that the love that we have as believers is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. The heart of God is naturally larger than our own. The truth about the believers capacity to love is simply supernatural. This is what baffles the merely religious who call turning the other cheek impractical and favour instead a law of retaliation.
Barriers to adoption
I believe one of the major barriers to Christians adopting is not merely the complicated nature of the process but a need for personal and family-sized wholeness. Wholeness is not simply perfection or having the perfect circumstances but having a level of self-awareness that allows an honest assessment of our preferences, biases, strengths and weaknesses. It is unfortunate that our communities can be more obsessed with keeping an appearance of wholeness as opposed to bringing your entire family to feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul writes to the Colossians that we are complete in Christ - and that is what will bring down this barrier to adoption.
A sense of my own completeness does not allow the act of adoption to feel like an intrusion, a threat, or an inconvenience. Being complete allows us to stand in a position from which we can love without being worn out, give without losing, share without denying others.

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