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Mental Health Testimonials

the importance of giving and receiving love. He requested that we pray for him, which we did at the end of the service.

T......: She joined us about half an hour into the service and became very involved in the service. She asked quite a few questions on the scriptures that we were reading as we shared the good Word of God. At the end of the service( and through tears of appreciation) T..... expressed her gratitude for our coming, and stated that the half hour she had spent with us had already made a difference in the way she felt. She also said that she was greatly helped by the Word and was going in search of a Bible so that she can continue to look into the Scriptures.

J.....: is Romanian and we met him a few months ago during one of our visits. We usually prepare a 'program of service' with songs and scriptures to enable the users to participate. As we handed out the program, J...... took one look and declared that his favourite song "Amazing Grace" was on the sheet but that he had never known the words to it. He requested that we sang it which we did – he sang that song with such gusto – he had a big, booming voice and he put everything he had into singing. During the song, he dropped to his knees in the centre of the room and with tears streaming down his face began to give God thanks for remembering him and for sending His angels (referring to us) to strengthen him. One of the Scriptures on the program was Jeremiah 29:11 and he homed in on this and asked that we explained it word by word. Great was the presence of God in our midst. We know that he received some deliverance from the Lord during that time. He then requested prayer, and as we came to the end of the service, we all left the room singing "Amazing Grace/Praise God" with J....... leading in the song. The LORD JESUS be praised!
G......: He has been a regular for the past few months and we have also had opportunity of having a one to one with him. During this last service we noticed a complete change in him, including appearance (as he was dressed wearing shoes and socks). G... usually sat quietly, but on this occasion he spoke, and his testimony was that he was being healed. He said that he felt healing all through his body and thanked the Lord Jesus for that. He stated that he had been repeating Scriptures to himself every day and these were not only comforting to him but he knew God was healing him.

From the street: Our Pastor was recognised and approached in our local high street by one of the previous users of the unit. She was now released, but was greatly strengthened from the ministry during one of our visits. She expressed much gratitude and thanks to the Lord for remembering her (through us) and impressed upon the pastor the necessity of continuing these visits as they were so very needful.

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